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day 1: school

"i hate mr. narmburg's quizzes," sam said. "he asks the most inane questions."

her friends nodded in agreement as they walked down the school hallway to the next class.

"he's such an asshole," leslie added. "i swear he's trying to fail everyone."

"did we have any homework in calculus?" liz asked, shuffling through papers in her backpack.

"i don't think so," sam answered. "he didn't really go over anything new yesterday."

"hey, sam, i was gonna go shopping for a prom dress tonight. did you want to come with me?" leslie asked.

"i can't. i'm going with my parents to the hospital to visit my aunt."

"dammit," leslie pouted. "i don't want to go by myself."

sam turned to liz. "you're busy?"

"i have plans tonight," liz responded, still digging through her backpack.

"she's going over to her boyfriend's house to get laid," leslie said, giving liz the evil eye. liz stuck her tongue out, and the three girls laughed.

"i just know i'm gonna fall asleep in this class," liz said as they entered calculus.

"you and me both," sam added.

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