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day 1: home

sam's mom was elbow-deep in soapy water at the kitchen sink, scrubbing dishes.

"how was school today?" she asked, turning to look at her daughter.

"boring," sam replied.

"do you have any homework?"

"not really," she lied.

her mom continued washing the dishes.

"you should get ready to go see your aunt soon," her mom said. "we'll be leaving as soon as your dad gets home."

sam wanted to complain about having to visit the hospital, but she restrained herself. she hated the medicinal yet sickly smell that permeated the rooms. she hated the color of the walls. she hated seeing someone with tubes stuck all over. but her parents would never let her get out of visiting her aunt.

sam turned and went up to her room to dump her heavy backpack and maybe look for her discman.

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